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Finally… A Delicious Bar That Fits Your Macros

High Fat

Low Net Carbs

Moderate Protein

Mild Sweetness

Our bars are less sweet than other bars. K Bars are lightly sweetened with erythritol. Erythritol is natural sweetener found in various plants and fruits. It’s not metabolized like sugar so it doesn’t spike blood insulin, and it’s less sweet than sugar. Unlike other no calorie sweeteners like stevia, there is no unpleasant aftertaste with erythritol.

Rich Flavor

Rich Chocolate, crunchy peanuts and creamy peanut butter come together to give K Bars their bold flavor.  We’ve balanced these ingredients to bring out the texture and  consistency of luxuriant moist brownies.

No Fillers

No fillers in our bars. Just natural ingredients. Other bars on the market are often loaded with cheap fiber fillers such as inulin, chicory root or tapioca fiber. These bulk fiber products are often known for the unfortunate side effect of making people gassy. In addition to digestive distress, IMOs and fiber fillers have been shown to raise blood glucose levels.  If you’ve tried some of the high fiber bars out there, you might have noticed.

No Protein Powder

Getting your body to stay in ketosis for more hours a day isn’t helped by bulking out your diet with surplus protein. Excess protein is turned into glucose in your body through a process called gluconeogenesis. Foods that are packed with protein will reduce the amount of time your body will stay in ketosis between meals.

No Soy

Soy can be a problematic food for both men and women. Soy contains isoflavones which act like estrogen in the body. Soy also contains goitrogens which interfere with iodine metabolism and affect the thyroid gland. Soy is also associated with various allergic reactions. Unlike many other keto bars, there is no soy in K Bars.